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January 27, 2021  

Vanessa Shaw, The Business Growth Academy

January 27, 2021

"Never, ever, ever take advice from someone who has not started their own business!" Relive the journey of Vanessa Shaw, CEO of Growth Academy, as she provides valuable advice built on timeless principles. By going against tradition and deep programming, Vanessa divulges how she fundamentally shifted her view to begin her own business in a foreign country, America. Today, she successfully encourages others to have more fun in their business and simultaneously achieve their dreams. 

How does a “quintessential British woman living abroad”, with a 21-year career at the United Nations, begin building a business in Scottsdale, AZ? In this episode, Vanessa shows how anyone can seek the entrepreneurial adventure they are looking for whilst enduring an onslaught of challenges such as culture shock, Imposter Syndrome, and discouragement from family and friends. Vanessa’s ability to channel her inner struggle into a driver, or force, buoyed her up and provided the inner strength needed to raise her children, maintain a great marriage, and establish a business that changes lives.

Later, Vanessa walks you through how she took Steve Job’s advice to connect the dots looking backward. Examine the benefits of scrutinizing self-beliefs, assumptions, and values as Vanessa recalls her 15 years of deep personal development. Additionally, you will discover how Vanessa gave herself permission in her own mind to introduce herself as a person others would listen to. See how Vanessa embraces her zone of genius and takes fear and weakness straight on.

Vanessa supplements her natural coaching abilities with her own life experiences to help entrepreneurs dig underneath the surface to uncover stories that are holding them back from destiny. Guiding them down this path, Vanessa helps business owners and entrepreneurs focus on the right things. Her methodology can be described as a work art since she combines validation and improvement to create a professional lifestyle of relief and freedom for her clients. 

Continue on Vanessa’s path as she discusses what The Business Growth Academy has grown into today. What kinds of business owners and entrepreneurs are drawn to Vanessa’s brilliant energy? People who want to grow are the ideal candidate for Vanessa and her team. She also expounds upon the three pillar goals business owners and entrepreneurs are looking to achieve which forms the core of what The Business Growth Academy offers. Vanessa also shares how she takes her clients to new heights by dialing in and speeding up their results in 100 days. 

Don’t miss Vanessa’s key piece of advice. Learn how to turn the next couple of hours into something that can make a big difference for your business. Allow Vanessa to guide you through the revelation of many things you can start thinking through to begin changing your life today. 


In this Episode:

  • Vanessa’s 15-year journey of deep personal development (13:07)
  • How Vanessa transformed Imposter Syndrome into a motivational driver  (16:50)
  • Vanessa’s breakthrough story (21:07)
  • How Vanessa’s entrepreneurial spirit came into existence (24:45)
  • Learn about Growth Academy (29:50)
  • Vanessa addresses the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs (34:24)
  • Advice for listeners who are an early-stage in building a business (40:48)



  • “We are the weird ones...the minority...the entrepreneurs.”
  • “I actually loved the attitude [in America]. There’s a gunghoness that exists.”
  • “People like us don’t have that kind of money darling.” 
  • “I was incredibly lonely. It was really hard to move to the other side of the world.”
  • “The universe is going to challenge you: You said you wanted this, are you really up for it?.”
  • “We get to create whatever we want to in our lives in the way that we want to.”
  • “I was in the gap of where I saw myself and where I could see myself headed.”